The Highly Sensitive Guy
        with David Tensen
Highly Sensitive Boy
How to Raise Your Highly Sensitive Boy Without Frustration and Fear that You're Doing it Wrong.
Highly Sensitive Boy
Interviews & MASTERCLASS
Join a company of parents and carers in this exclusive Online, LIVE and Interactive 4-Week Masterclass with psychologist, author and leading expert Dr. Ted Zeff. Hosted by David Tensen
 'Life as an HSP'
Free Introductory Webinar
Introductions to the Basics of Doing Life as a Highly Sensitive Person
In this webinar, David introduces the concept of being Highly Sensitive sharing on research and experience on doing life as a HSP.

David Tensen is the Co-Founder of LeaderHeart. Integrated Inner Healing Therapist. Author. Speaker. Passionate HSP Educator
Highly Sensitive Boy
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